Kilimanjaro Climb - February 2005

These pictures were taken during a 9-day climb of Kilimanjaro via the Western Breach route. Our group of 10 hikers was led by head guide, Fredrick Chikima, and assistant guides, Liberate Mazee and Guidance Chikima.
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Day 0:  Wildlife watch in Arusha National Park and short hike to Tululusia Waterfall




Day 1:  Hike from Machame Gate (5900 ft) to Machame Camp (9850 ft) through rainforest



Day 2:  Hike from Machame Camp (9850 ft) to Shira Camp (12,600 ft) through heath and moorland


Day 3:  Hike from Shira Camp (12,600 ft) via high desert of Shira Ridge (to about 15,000 ft) into the Great Barranco Valley for the Barranco Camp (12,750 ft)


Day 4:  Climb the Barranco Wall and acclimatize at Barranco Camp (12,750 ft)



Day 5:  Climb out of the Barranco Valley to Lava Tower Camp (15,000 ft) and ...



scramble up the Lava Tower



Day 6:  Hike from Lava Tower Camp (15,000 ft) to Arrow Glacier Camp (16,100 ft)



Day 7:  Hike from Arrow Glacier Camp (16,100 ft) to Crater Camp (18,750 ft) near the Furtwangler Glacier


Day 8:  Ascent from Crater Camp (18,750 ft) to Uhuru Peak (19,340 ft) and ...


descent to Mweka Camp (11,000 ft)


Day 9:  Descent from Mweka Camp (11,000 ft) through rainforest to Mweka Gate (6495 ft)


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