Today's Beautiful Gem: "Listen to Love in Autumn" from "Listen to Love"
compiled by Louis Savary.

"Autumn is melons and mists, purple grapes that cling to the vine
and cornstalks that soldier the fields. It is thanksgiving.
There is dancing and laughter beneath a magic orange moon. In
autumn the world wears well.

"Love in autumn is a rich king.

"It is harvest time. Relaxed afternoon shadows are long and lean.
The sweat and toil and struggling is over. The promise spring made
long ago now vibrates with reality. The spirit of love has done
his work and mankind is together, united with him. Love is filled
to overflowing.

"Love in autumn is not afraid of death. The spirit of love sweeps
like a wind through the world and whispers in the heart of mankind
a higher hope. The earth too feels this hope and tastes its deep
flavor. Everything is excited with anticipation.

"Listen to love in autumn."

Om Santih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao