Today's Beautiful Gem: "Water" by John B. Gough

Sweet, beautiful water-- brewed in the running brook, the rippling
fountain and the laughing rill-- in the limpid cascade, as it
joyfully leaps down the side of the mountain. Brewed in yonder
mountain top, whose granite peak glitters like gold bathed in the
morning sun, brewed in the sparkling dewdrop; sweet, beautiful
water-- brewed in the crested wave of the ocean deeps, driven by
the storm, breathing its terrible anthem to the God of the sea--
brewed in the fleecy foam and the whitened spray as it hangs like
a speck over the distant cataract-- brewed in the clouds of Heaven;
sweet, beautiful water! As it sings in the rainy shower and dances
in the hailstorm-- as it comes sweeping down in feathery flakes,
clothing the earth in a spotless mantle of white. Distilled in the
golden tissues that paint the western sky at the setting sun, and
the silvery tissues that veil the midnight moon-- sweet, health-
giving, beautiful water! Distilled in the rainbow of promise,
whose warp is the raindrops of Earth, and whose woof is the sunbeam
of Heaven-- sweet beautiful water.

Om Santih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao