Today's Beautiful Gem: "God's Child" by M. Udayakala

"At the dawn of history, my countrymen
composed the first books of hymns, the Vedas;
I couldn't listen to nor utter those verses
as they poured molten lead into my ears!

"In the great golden era, my early relatives
lifted the stones for the towering temples;
However, I couldn't enter those places of worship
where the angels and gods dwelt, as I was impure!

"In the middle ages, my great-grandfathers
proudly built the beautiful Taj Mahal;
Alas, the emperor's men cut off their hands;
I could never build again such a monument of Love!

"To-day, I plough the fields and build the dams;
my body is scarred and my skin is charred;
I'm also a free Indian, the other son of our mother;
but my women are beaten and my children cry!

"Lights shone then and they still shine to-day;
but no light has dispelled my tunnel's darkness;
I'm the least, I'm the last, and, I'm verily lost!
I'm God's child, and patiently, I await God's call!"

Om Santih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao