Today's Beautiful Gems:

"Morning" by Geeta Mohanty of India written when she was thirteen.
"The morning mist
Creeps down from the sky
To engulf the blue hills
With its white softness"

"Pearls on the Grass" by Geeta Mohanty
"After the beautiful rain,
The rocks shine under the sun,
Like the droplets on the cobweb
Amongst the green, green grass."

"Feeling to Safety" by Rajiv Chettur of India written when he was ten.
"Under the force
Of a Sunday breeze
A Sunday breeze
And the humming waves,
We on a raft of wood
Dancing along
The ocean flood,
To reach,
Far away, our goal,
Away from
The hated souls,
Among God's harmless creatures.
We, on a wooden raft,
A wooden raft
A wooden raft."

Om Santih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao