Today's Beautiful Gems:

"When I Learned to Whistle" by Gordon Lea of USA written at eleven.
"I remember the day when I learned to whistle,
It was in Spring and new sounds were all around.
I was five or six and my front teeth were missing,
But I blew until my cheeks stuck out.
I remember walking up and down the block,
Trying to impress those that heard me
With the tunes and sounds that came from my mouth,
For I sounded much better than the birds in the trees.
I remember being hurt, for nobody seemed to care,
And then I met an old man who stopped and smiles.
He too blew until his cheeks stuck out.
He sounded just like me, for his front teeth were missing."

"Are We Their Equals?" by Helen Geltman of USA written at twelve.
Is it everlasting?
Or can it be destroyed.
Are we its equal?
Have we yet conquered?
Can we conquer?
I think not.
Is it not stronger?
Has it not smashed us?
?-- I don't know.
Are we their equals?"

Om Santih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao