Today's Beautiful Gems:

"Trees" written by Nelda Dishman of USA at twelve.
"The trees share their shade with
all who pass by,
But their leaves whisper secrets
only with the wind."

"War" by Sarah Mason of USA written when she was ten.
"Not bad, but miserable
Drenched in gray sadness
Lonely grief handed out to all."

"I Don't Mind" by Carolyn Jackson of USA written when she was eleven.
"I Carolyn Jackson am a pure-blooded Negro in soul and mind.
My mother's from North Carolina and my father's from Florida.
I know when I go to that old wooden bed,
Somewhere on the other side of town,
there is a child being put to bed in a soft cuddly nest.
But being a Negro isn't so bad (if you know what's going on)
Down South my cousin is being beat up--
And Look There... My aunt got put in jail for
drinking from a white fountain.
But here I feel better because I have more freedom.
When I ride the train and sit next to a person of the opposite race.
I feel like a crow in a robin's nest
And I feel dirty.
I'm not prejudiced or anything...
if we go on a trip and they call me names,
I Don't Mind."

Om Santih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao