Today's Beautiful Gems:

"On the Beach" by David Recht of Australia written at ten.
"The little fish cries;
His mother has been
Taken by
He dives
To the bottom
Trying to forget.
His stillness makes
Him afraid.
He swims after his
Silently Crying."

"Autumn" by Susan Morrison of Australia written when she was eleven.
"Hours are leaves of life
and I am their gardener...
Each hour falls down slow."

"Death" by John Erwin of Australia wriiten when he was eleven.
"Who set that endless silence
Of her breath?
Death is but death.
Death is like the growing of people
It cannot be stopped."

"Kindness" by Mary Flett of New Zealand written when she was nine.
"A loving arm
Shelters me
From any harm.
The shelteredness
Of kindness
Flows around me."

Om Santih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao