Today's Beautiful Gem: "The Lover" by (Malayalam poet) G. Shankara Kurup
translated by V. Raman Unni Menon

"As the moments pass by me,
like petals falling from a flower
I sit and gaze into the future;
Joy and sorrow dance around me,
the one flinging her light,
the other casting deep shadows;
Time, as he goes, laughs lovingly at me,
saying, `This is all a fancy.'
But who is he who steals unseen
and shades my eyes with tender hands,
whispering sweetly in my ear:
`Who am I, say, who am I?'
New fancies weave themselves in colour
shot through my gleaming tears.
I try to catch them
and put them on Time's canvas,
or as buds of joy and sorrow,
to weave them into a garland.
But who is he who steals unseen
and holds my shivering hand in sport?

"I am free from shyness, I am free from fear:
Yet, O my Lord, let her thou lovest,
she who leans against thy beloved breast
and drains the coveted cup of peace--
I pray thee let her rest and sleep awhile.
To forget all, to revive all."

Om Saantih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao