Today's Beautiful Gem: "On the Beach" by M. Udayakala

"One wave tells the other:
`I am more beautiful than you;
I am at the top of the world.'

"The other responds:
`Yes friend dear, I am happy for you;
but crests and troughs are alternate.'

"The wind wonders:
`How unlike these waves are!'

"The shore laughs and reminds itself:
`Big or small, beautiful or ugly,
finally those waves have to break
on these white sands and retreat.'

"The distant trees murmur in unison:
`How enchanting, but how ephemeral!'

"The sky surveys this absorbing drama
of light and shade, colour and contrast,
and listens to all the unspoken words,
but remains absorbed in its deep,
meditative and eternal silence,
contemplating telepathic messages
with the shining sun and unseen stars."

Om Saantih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao