Today's Beautiful Gem: `God-Stuff' from the Tamil version of the Ramayana
by Kamban translated by S. Maharajan.

"There is none
who is out of touch / with Thy God-Stuff
and none,
who is fully / in touch with it;
It is neither Light / nor Darkness
neither Above / nor Below.
It is not without ageing / nor does it age;
It has neither beginning, / middle nor end
neither Afore / nor After:

"Lord, if such be the condition
of Thy Being / who could blame Thee,
if thou wouldst refuse to redeem us / by coming upon the Earth,
bearing a burden of a bow / and treading the ground
with Thy crimson feet / reddening with pain?
"Oh! the one / that sleeps
in the black sea / of Infinity,
"What recompense / dost Thou get
for redeeming us / from sorrow?"

Om Saantih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao