Today's Beautiful Gem: `The Loved One Is Away': Two Sanskrit poems

"aham iha sthitavati api taavakee
tvam api tatra vasann api maamakah
na tanusaMgama eva susaMgamo
hRdayasaMgama eva susaMgamah"

"sakhi me niyatihataayaas
taddarsanam astu vaa maa vaa
punarapi sa veNunaado yadi
karNapathe patet tad evaalam

| "Here I am, yours, but far away;
| There you are, mine, but far away;
| Love is not just the union of bodies,
| Love is but the communion of hearts!"

| "O friend, cursed I have been;
| I may or may not see Him again;
| If the sound of his flute reaches
| My ears again! ah, that is enough."

Note: The first poem is from `SubhashitabhaanDaagaaram' by an
anonymous author. The second poem is from `RasaarNavasudhaakara'
by Singabhoopala. My translations are not literal, but they
convey the `rasa' (gist). These are based on those of Merwin and

Om Saantih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao