Today's Beautiful Gem: `Rama Rajya' from Ramayana by Valmeeki
with Romesh Chandra Dutt's transcreation.

"na paryadevan vidhavaa
na vyaadhijam bhayam vaa
nirdasyur abhaval loko
na ca sma vRddhaa baalaanaam
sarvam muditam eva aaseet
raamam eva anupas'yanto
aasan varSa sahasraaNi
niraamayaa vis'okaas' ca
nitya puSpaa nitya phalaas
kaala varSee ca parjanyah
sva karmasu pravartante
aasan prajaa dharma paraa
sarve lakSaNa sampannaah
das'a varSa sahasraaNi
na ca vyaala kRtam bhayam
api raame raajyam pras'aasati
na anarthah kamcid aspRs'at
preta kaaryaaNi kurvate
sarvo dharma paro abhavat
na abhyahimsan parasparam
tathaa putra sahasriNah
raame raajyam pras'aasati
taravah skandha vistRtaah
sukha spars'as' ca maarutah
tuSThaah svair eva karmabhih
raame s'aasati na anRtaah
sarve dharma paraayaNaah
raamo raajyam akaarayat"

"And 'tis told by ancient sages, during Rama's happy reign,
Death untimely, dire diseases, came not to his subject men,
Widows wept not in their sorrow for their lords untimely lost,
Mothers wailed not in their anguish for their babes by Yama crost,
Robbers, cheats, and gay deceivers tempted not with lynig word,
Neighbour loved his righteous neighbour and the people loved their lord!
Trees their ample produce yielded as returning seasons went,
And the earth in grateful gladness never failing harvest lent,
Rains descended in their season, never came the blighting gale,
Rich in crop and rich in pasture was each soft and smiling vale,
Loom and anvil gave their produce and the tilled and fertile soil,
And the nation lived rejoicing in their ancestral toil."

Note: The above consitute the concluding slokas of Valmeeki
Ramayana (excluding Uttararamayana). Instead of attempting to
translate the Sanskrit stanzas literally, I am presenting the
very beautiful transcreation of Romesh Chandra Dutt in the form
of verse from his book completed nearly a century ago in 1899.

Om Saantih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao