Today's Beautiful Gem: `My Lord's Secrets Revealed' by Sri Chinmoy

"Man's eternal question is: `Who is God?'
God's immediate answer is: `My child, who else is God, if not you?"

"I think of God because I want Him and I need Him.
God thinks of me because He loves me and cherishes me."

"`My sweet Lord, please tell me the difference between You and me.'
`My child, the difference is very small.
You are possessed by your little possessions
And I am released by My Infinite Possessions.'"

"My Lord tells me that I need both science and spirituality.
In my life of desire, I need science in order to relay
my thoughts outwardly to the furthest end of the globe.
In my life of aspiration, I need spirituality to bring me
the message of the Unknown, the Ultimate Beyond."

"`My sweet Lord, You are the essence and substance
and I am the flower. Am I correct?'
`You are half-correct, My child.
You are the flower and the petals.
Petals signify multiplicity, the flower signifies unity.
I want you to be both unity and multiplicity in My creation."

om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao