Today's Beautiful Gem: `Some straw and lots of sorrow' by Haala from
"gaathasaptas'ati" (also called Gahakoso), translated by A. L. Basham.

"bhanDantIa taNAiM
sottuM diNNAi jAi pahiassa
tAi ccea pahAe
ajjA AaDDhai ruantI"
| "Last night with scorn the lady gave
| the wanderer straw for his bed;
| This morning she gathers
| it together, weeping."

Note: Gahakoso is a collection of 700 verses in Prakrit. These
are said to be exquisitely beautiful and charming. The above poem,
according to literary critics, is one of the best love poems ever
written. Prakrit is the language of the common man in ancient India.
In fact, Buddhism was easily accepted because its tenets were
preached in the tongue understood by people. The feelings of
ordinary men and women are reflected in these poems. The situation
in the above poem is obvious. As Valentine's Day draws near, let
me satisfy the appetite of the readers with love poems from all
over the world.

om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao