Today's Beautiful Gem: `I am floating' - An old Kannada film song from
`Gejje Pooje (Worship of anklets)'.

gaganavu ellO bhUmiyu ellO
ondU ariyE nA
nenage nInIDida vacanava keLi
tEli tEli hOde nA

nUtana jagada bAgilu tereyitu
manavanu savida tereyu sariyitu
kaNgaLu olavina katheyA bariyitu
kAlgaLu haruSadi kunikunidADitu

prEmavasantada rAgavu nuDiyitu
As'AgAnada pallavi hADitu
navajIvanada jyotiyu beLagitu
ullAsadi mana nalinalidADitu
| Know not I where the sky is;
| Know not I where the earth is;
| After I listened to the word given by you,
| I am still floating and floating...

| The doors to a new world are open;
| The screen that masks the heart has moved;
| The eyes are writing the story of love;
| And the feet are dancing with happiness.

| The heart is humming the tune of the
| spring of Love;
| It is singing the first lines of Hope;
| The light of new Life has been lit;
| This heart is jumping with joy!

Note: I am sorry I don't remember the author of this song. I am
quoting the song also purely from memory. The film itself was based
on a novel by a renowned Kannada novelist. This particular film
deals with the story of a Devadasi woman wanting to lead a normal
life like other women. Alas, in the end, she was cheated by Fate.

om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao