Today's Beautiful Gem: Some Japanese love poems translated by Leon Zolbrod.

"Even the harvest of the earth can be exhausted--
Of that in this world which is inexhaustible,
Is there anything but love?" - Anonymous author (8th century)

"I wish you, my love, were a bracelet I might wear
On my left arm, and then, fastened to my wrist,
We could set out together." - Anonymous author (8th century)

"While thinking of him, who might guess I'd nap and see
His face before me: If I knew it was a dream
I'd never have awakened." - Ono No Komachi (9th century)

"If you care to know how much it is I love you,
Stand at Tago bay and count the number of waves
As they roll in toward the shore." - Fujiwara No Okikaze (10th century)

"My love was nurtured by the riverside,
A willow tree, whose roots sink down for water,
Whose branches spread until they're tipped with green,
A tree absorbing strength for life from you..."
- Shimazaki Toson (1872-1943)

om s'aantih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao