Today's Beautiful Gem: `Ramadaan Prayer' from Mukhtasar Ad'iyat Ramadaan,
translated by Kenneth Cragg.

"O my God, the petitioners stand before Thy gate,
and the needy seek refuge in Thy courts.
The ship of the wretched stands on the shore
of the ocean of Thy grace and goodness,
seeking passage into the presence of Thy mercy and compassion.
O my God, if in this blessed month Thou forgivest
only those whose fasting and performance is right,
who will take the part of the transgressor who defaults,
when he perishes in the sea of his sins and transgression?
O my God, if Thou art merciful only towards the obedient,
who will take the part of the rebellious?
If thou receivest only those who have done well,
then what of those who have fallen short?
O my God, those who fast have surely gained,
the faithful doers have victory and the sincere are delivered.
But we, Thy guilty servants,
have mercy upon us out of Thy compassion.
Liberate us from damnation by Thy pardon;
forgive us our trespasses with the rest of the believers,
men and women, through Thy mercy, O Thou most faithful."

om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao