Today's Beautiful Gem: `Ten Beautiful Words' by Wilfred Funk

Wilfred J. Funk, poet, lexicographer and president of Funk &
Wagnalls, once listed what he considered the ten most beautiful
words in the English language-- "beautiful in meaning and the
musical arrangement of their letters." His list, compiled after
a "thorough sifting of thousands of words," is:
dawn, hush, lullaby, murmuring, tranquil,
mist, luminous, chimes, golden, and, melody.

Note: I urge the readers to create short passages using the ten
beautiful words or their derivatives and post them on the net.
Here is my humble attempt.

The melody of the hushed night's lullaby,
Hours later, still chimes in my head misty,
As luminous rays of the golden dawn
And murmuring birds greet the tranquil morn.

om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao