Today's Beautiful Gem: `For those who suffer' by Louis Evely

"Suffering transforms, matures, and instructs.
Suffering increases our capacities of love and understanding.
All suffering makes us have something in common with any of those who suffer.
It is a power of communion.

"Undoubtedly, suffering sometimes hardens us.
It does not necessarily bring us closer to _virtue_.
But it always brings us closer to truth.

"Suffering and death are the only unavoidable obstacles which compel the
most mediocre man to call himself into question, to detach himself from
his existence, and to ask himself what would permit him to transcend it.

"What neither love, nor prayer, nor poetry, nor art could do
for most people, only death and suffering are capable of demanding.

"But maybe the day will come when love, art, and prayer will have enough
power over us so that we might be exempt from suffering and death."

om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao