Today's Beautiful Gem: `My Master Says ..." by M. Udayakala

"I worship Truth and Beauty. My day is passed in studying
science, in decoding its hidden hieroglyphics, and in exploring
its untrodden paths. I amuse with the muses too-- and once in a
blue moon, I string handsome word-flowers into pretty poem-garlands.

"Alas, these endeavours leave me unsatisfied, vacillating, and
wondering! In science, am I ever going to become a Newton or
a Ramanujan, a Bose or an Einstein? In poetry, am I ever going
to become a Kalidasa or a Shakespeare, a Goethe or a Tagore? Why
am I still in this occupation of choice, and in this hobby of
pure fascination?

"Why? Because my Master says: `Be they the lowly valleys, or
the mighty mountains, the sun shines impartially, the moon
illumines generously, and the stars sparkle serenely. I judge
your efforts, but not the results thereof. Be not elated and
elevated by success; be not deflated and depressed by failure.

"`Truth is not measured by its magnitude, but by its manifestation.
Beauty is not measured by its extent, but by its aesthetics. A
single equation may be alive with a germ of truth; a single stanza
may be radiant with a gem of beauty. Truth is One; Beauty is One;
Forget not that there's Goodness beside.'

"My Master commands me to go on with my experiments of Truth,
and with my offerings of Beauty. I continue and continue... Know
not I if my Master is pleased. This cycle of grand failures
punctuated by sparse successes will continue with every sunrise
until I receive the ultimate unconditional call!"

om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao