Today's Beautiful Gem: `A prayer to bhramaravAsini' by KalhaNa.

kRSNakes'I sitakarAnanA
harimadhyA s'ivAkArA
sarvadevamayIva sA
| "With lips red as the _bimba_ fruit,
| with black hair, with face like the moon,
| with waist like a lion, with gracious aspects,
| she seemed to unite all the gods in one!"

Note: The Goddess to whom the above poem is addressed is bhramaravAsini.
The poet indirectly reminds the readers of the various gods that seemed
to unite in Bhramaravasini: sUrya (bimba), kRSNa, candra (sitakara),
hari, and s'iva.

My best wishes to all friends who are celebrating the solar new year
(baisAkhi, puttaANDu, viSu etc.) and happy Easter and Passover!

om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao