Today's Beautiful Gem: `Morning Prayers' by an anonymous author.

"karAgre vasate lakSmIh:
karamadhye sarasvatI
karamUle vaset brahmAh:
prabhAte karadars'anaM

"samudravasane devI
parvatastana maNDite
viSNupatnI namstubhyaM
pAdaspars'aM kSamasvame"
| "At the top of the hand resides Lakshmi,
| In the middle of the hand resides Sarasvati,
| At the bottom of the hand resides Brahma,
| In the morning, the sight of the hands
| (is auspicious).

| "O goddess with the mantle of oceans,
| adorned with the breasts of mountains,
| O the consort of Vishnu, salutations to thee!
| pardon me for touching thee with my feet."

Note: The above prayers are generally recited as soon as one gets up
from the bed. In the first sloka, Lakshmi stands for spiritual wealth,
Sarasvati for spiritual knowledge and Brahma for spiritual wisdom.
According to the Hindu mythology, God Vishnu has two wives, Sri Devi
(Lakshmi) and Bhoomi Devi (Earth). They are supposed to be residing
on His chest. For defiling the Earth with our feet and also with our
body fluids, we beseech Her pardon.
This concludes the Earth Day specials.

om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao