Today's Beautiful Gem: `On the moonlit waters of River Indus'
by Subrahmanya Bharathi (translated by me)

"sindhunadimisai nilavinile
cheranannaatilam pengaludane
sundarattelunginil paattisaithu
thonigalotti vilayaadivaruvom

"On the moonlit waters of the river Indus,
singing sweet Telugu songs,
let us enjoy rowing boats
in the company of young women from the South.

"gangainadippuram godhumaippandam
kavirivetrilaikku maaradaivom
singamaraathiyargal tam kavithaikkondu
cheratthin thandangal parisalippom

"Let us barter the wheat of the Ganetic plains
with the betel leaves grown in the Kaveri delta;
Let us reward the poetry of the brave Marathas
with the ivory tusks from Kerala."

Note: Subrahmanya Bharathi lived in pre-independence era and
sang gloriously about the ambrosia of liberation and freedom
which he never had the good fortune to taste as he was trampled
by an elephant that really robbed Indians of a Titan. This bard,
proficient in several Indian languages, sang not only about Tamil
Nadu, but also about India; not only about Sakthi, but also about
Allah. He was the perfect flower of `national integration' long
before such a phrase came into vogue.

Om Santih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao