Today's Beautiful Gem: `The sound of M is universal!' by M. Udayakala.

To my grand-parents, a daughter you were,
To my father, a caring wife you were,
To your dear friends, a trusted friend you were,
To us, you're our mother, the best one e'er.

The sun of your burning desire,
The moon of your sweet dreams; was I?
The star of your big shining eyes,
The flower of your aching heart; was I?

With milk from breast, you nourished me;
With toys from chest, we played in glee;
With your cradle-tales, I was bewitched;
In your presence, I was enriched.

When I cried, you too cried with me;
When I laughed, you too laughed with me;
When I worried, you too worried with me;
In our feelings, what a symmetry!

Day in and day out, I'm compared by all,
Some say I'm good, some say I'm an odd-ball!
Some say I'm okay, others I'm a sham,
But only you accepted me as I am.

Like the stillness of the dark night,
Like the brightness of the sun's light,
Like the vastness of the skies 'bove,
Beyond words is your boundless love.

To-day, you are quite old and frail,
An etched history of time's trail;
Oceans may separate u s t w o,
But, love grows with distance; it's true.

I close my eyes and concentrate,
There you're, I see your face sedate,
I hear your songs, feel your touch gentle,
And smell and taste your dinners ample!

Mom or mother, ma or amma,
The sound of M is universal!
Amma, I have never seen God,
But I'm sure, She must be like you!

om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao