Today's Beautiful Gem: `Gods as children' by Kumaaradaasa and Leelasuka.

"na sa rAma iha kva yAta ity
anyukto vanitAbhir agratah:
vidadhe 'lIkanilInam arbhakah:"

"ratnasthale jAnucarah: kumArah:
saMkrAntam AtmIyamukhAravindam
AdAtukAmas tad alAbhakhedAd
vilokya dhAtrIvadanaM ruroda"
| "Rama isn't here; where has he gone?
| the women called as they searched for him;
| but the child, covering his hands with
| his clasped hands,
| played hide-and-seek with them."

| "The child was crawling on a floor inlaid with gems
| and saw the reflection of his own lotus face;
| Krishna tried to catch it and irritated at not obtaining it
| looked at his mother's face and began to cry."

Note; The first poem is from JanakIharaNa of KumAradAsa. Kumaradasa's
style resembles that of Kalidasa. The influence of Kalidasa and his
Raghuvams'a seems to be evident in Kumaradasa's Janakiharana. The poem
was translated by Berriedale Keith. The second poem is from the
s'rI kRSNakarNamRta of LIlAs'uka. Its transcreation is based on the
translation of Frances Wislon. Gods were also children and just like
any other children, they too delight their elders with their playful
innocence. Just as the child is the father of the man (according to
Wordsworth), may be, Man is the creator of God!

om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao