Today's Beautiful Gem: `A Very Short Prayer' by an anonymous author.

"ammA, mEmu tinTunnAmu,
nIvU tinu!"
| "Mother, we are eating,
| you too please eat."

Note: This short prayer is said to be part of the rituals of the
people belonging to the Chenchu tribe in the Hyderabad region.
After hunting in the woods, it is their custom to throw a piece
of meat back into the woods and to utter the above prayer.
According to Dr Bouquet, a past president of the Cambridge
Theological Society, the above is said to be the shortest articulate
prayer on record. When they return home, the following longer
prayer is recited: "ammA, nIvu lekunTE, mAku EmI dorakadu.
antA nI daya." [Mother, if you do not favour us, we cannot get
anything. We therefore thank you.]

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao