Today's Beautiful Gem: `I send my six sons to you'
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart translated by Emily Anderson

"To my dear friend Haydn: A father who had decided to send his
sons into the great world, thought it his duty to entrust them
to the protection and guidance of a man who was very celebrated
at the time and who, moreover, happened to be his best friend.

"In like manner I send my six sons to you, most celebrated and
dear friend. They are, indeed, the fruit of long and laborious
study; but many friends have given me the hope that these
children may one day prove a source of consolation to me.

"During your last stay in the capital, you yourself, my very dear
friend, expressed your approval of these compositions. Your
good opinion encourages me to offer them to you and leads me
to hope that you will not consider them wholly unworthy of your
favor. Please, then, receive them kindly and be to them a
father, guide and friend. From this moment I surrender to you
all my rights over them. I entreat you, however, be indulgent
toward those faults which may have escaped a father's partial
eye and, in spite of them, continue your generous friendship
towards one who so highly appreciates it. Meanwhile, I remain
with all my heart, dearest friend, your most sincere friend,

"W. A. Mozart"

Note: Youthful Mozart, demi-god among the composers of classical
Western music wrote this letter dated Sept 1, 1785 from Vienna
to Joseph Haydn, another celebrated composer of that era. Mozart
dedicated his six string quartets, referred to as his six sons in
this letter, to Haydn.

Om Santih! Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao