Today's Beautiful Gem: `Time destroys all...' by HalAyudha.

"bhImenAtra vijRmbhitaM dhanur iha droNena muktaM s'ucA
karNas'yAtra hayA hRtA rathapatir bhISmo 'tra yoddhuM sthitah:
vis'vaM rUpam ihArjunas'ya hariNA saMdars'itaM kautukAd
uddes'As ta ime na te sukRtinah: kAlo hi sarvaMkaSah:"

"Here Bhima's valour was unfolded; Drona in sorrow let fly his
arrows here; the horses of Karna were stolen here; Bhishma,
expert in driving the chariot, stood here to fight; here at
Arjuna's entreaty did Krishna (Hari) display his universal
majesty; the places remain still, but not the great beings.
Time destroys all!"

Note: The translation is based on that of Dr Berridale Keith.

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao.