Today's Beautiful Gem: `Never Again'

"Two cities chosen as A-bombs' targets, two moments frozen
in eternity; two sun-rises twice in a day, two brilliant
flashes, two cities evaporated to ashes; what a sad event
to commemorate after half a century!

"Blinding light, burning buildings, boiling rivers, buried
bodies! Nonexisting skin, eyeballs out of sockets, radiation
sickness and cancer! Man's inhumanity to man, what a shame!
Two wrongs do never make a deed right.

"Nukes, be they in Asia, be they in Europe, be they in America,
be they in Africa, be they in any nook on this Earth, must go!
Creation is not for destruction; natural life is not for
unnatural death. Science does not sow the seeds of annihilation;
and weapons do not give strength and power.

"War doesn't bring peace; hatred doesn't bring peace.
Understanding brings peace; and Love brings peace! Open
arms bring peace; open hearts bring peace! Peace is
present in granny's toothless grins; Peace is found in
child's toothless smiles. The sun radiates Peace; the clouds
shower Peace; the flowers spread Peace; the birds sing Peace.
And Peace is within us.

"Our God is a god of compassion; our God is a god of mercy.
Our God is a god of kindness; our God is a god of love.
Let Him show us the path of Peace! Let Her plant the tree
of Peace! Let It guide us toward the Lighthouse of Peace!
Never again what happened fifty years ago!
O God, never again, please!"

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao.