Today's Beautiful Gem: Two poems by the Swedish poet Harry Martinson
(NL in Literature, 1974), translated by Robert Bly.

Creation Night:

"We met on the stone bridge,
the birches stood watch for us,
the river gleaming like an eel wound toward the sea.
We twisted together in order to create God,
there was a rustling in the grain,
and a wave shot out of the rye."

The Earthworm:

"Who really respects the earthworm,
the farm worker far under the grass in the soil.
He keeps the earth always changing.
He works entirely full of soil,
speechless with soil, and blind.

"He is underneath the farmer, the underground one,
where the fields are getting on their harvest clothes.
Who eally respects him,
the deep and calm earth-worker,
this deatlhess, gray, tiny farmer in the planet's soil."

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao