Today's Beautiful Gem: `Happiness and Peace of Mind'
by Saint tyAgarAja (1767-1847) set to sAma rAga, translated by me.

"s'Antamu lEka saukhyamu lEdu sArasadaLanayana
dAntunikaina vEdAntunikaina

"There is no happiness without peace of mind,
O Lord with eyes like lotus petals!
Whether it is for one who has conquered the senses,
or for a scholar who is well-versed in Vedas.

"dArasutulu dhanadhAnyamuluNDina
sAreku japatapasampada kaligina
Agamas'Astramulanniyu tsadivina
bAguga sakalahRdbhAvamu telisina s'Antamu lEka saukhyamu lEdu...

"One might have a family with spouse and children and be quite rich;
One might possess spiritual wealth such as prayer and penance;
One might have read all the scriptures like Vedas and Sastras;
One might be aware of all the meanings of the heart;
Yet there is no happiness without peace of mind...

"yAgAdi karmalanniyu cEsina
bhAgavatulanutsu bAguga pEraina
rAjAdhirAja s'rI rAghava tyAga-
rAjavinuta sAdhurakSaka tanaku upa- s'Antamu lEka saukhyamu lEdu..."

"One might have performed sacred deeds like sacrifices;
One might have earned fame as a great devotee;
O King of kings, Lord Rama, Protector of the pious,
Praised by the bard Tyagaraja,
There is no happiness without peace of mind..."

Note: With my favourite song of Tyagaraja, `Today's Beautiful Gem'
reaches the third century mark. I am grateful to all the readers
for their kind encouragement and constructive criticism. May God
grant us the peace of mind as well as the purity of thought! What
I present in this series are only examples of inspirational prose
and poetry. I encourage all readers to go to the original sources
by buying books or borrowing them from their libraries. May the
spiritual comfort offered by the literary gems enrich our lives!

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao