Today's Beautiful Gem: `For You'll Take Care Of Me' by M. Udayakala.

"When I stand and fold my hands together
to offer my salutations to you,
my thumb is directed toward my heart
and my fingers point upward-- towards you;
It is a communion between two hearts-- yours and mine.
My heart is full of joy, sorrow, passion and love--
Unhesitatingly, I offer it to you and to you alone.
If feelings have colours, my heart can paint rainbows;
But, on the easel of my pulsating heart, I paint in blindness.
If feelings have voices, my heart can write symphonies;
But, to the beat of my drumming heart, I sing in silence.
My prayer to you is a garland of words--
a poem of wordless love and gratitude;
I ask for nothing in return, for you'll take care of me."

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao