Today's Beautiful Gem: `Dipavali' by Pattukkottai Kalyanasundaram,
translated by me.

"unnaikkanDu nAnADa ennaikkanDu nIyADa
ullasampongum inbadIpAvaLi
Urengum magilzhndu onRAga kalandu uRavADum nEramaDA

"Looking at you I do dance and looking at me you do dance
on this joyous Dipavali full of gaiety.

"kannattil oNNEoNNu kaDanAgattADA
kaNNUkkuL viLaiyADum kalaiyE nIvADA
eNNattil unakkAga iDAm nAn taruvEn
enakku ini nI ennennattaruvAy
vallamaiccerA nallavanAga vaLarndAle pOdumaDA

"Why don't you loan me a kiss on my cheeks?
You, who play in the pupil of my eye, come to me,
I have a separate place for you in my thoughts;
What else do you wish to offer me?
Isn't it enough if you grow up strong and good!

"cittirappUppOle cidarum mattAppu
tI edumillAmal veDittiDum kEppu
muddirai pas'umponnai Eninda s'irippu
mugamO malarO idu enna ras'ippu
minnolzhi vIs'um unnelzhil kanDAl vErenna vENumaDA"

"The sparklers are scattered like the spring flowers;
With no fire are the crackers exploding;
Why are you smiling, my golden child?
Is it a face or is it a flower? How enjoyable!
Do I need anything else as I see your beauty radiating light!"

Note: This is a day or two late. Any way, many of us celebrate the festival during week-ends. No Dipavali in India is complete without a version of this film song on radio. It occurs in the Tamil movie (late fifties) `Kalyana Parisu'. The film was later remade in Telugu (Pelli Kanuka) and Hindi (Nazrana) too. I hope it will bring back a slice of fond Dipavali memories. The song is addressed to a child.

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao