Today's Beautiful Gem: `Incompatible' by Abdul Haddad.

"We wrap our hearts around a stone,
And wonder why we feel alone.
We fail to realise, of course--
So does the stone.

"The Brain said to the Heart:
`You are the butterfly whose life is
on short summer.
I am the turtle who cannot count its years.'
And said the Heart:
`I move on wings of love;
While you shriek through mouths of sermons.'

"Said the Wind to the Wave:
`I am your husband without the benefit of intercourse.
I am your father without ever knowing your mother.
I am your brother though you are of the earth, and I of the sky.
I am your offspring because I grow upon your voice.
I am your lover although you have never loved me.
I am the stranger you can never know and who can never know you
Because we are restless wanderers on a desert of dreams."

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao.