Today's Beautiful Gem: `The Turquoise Bee' by Tsangyang Gyatso,
translated from the original Tibetan by Rick Fields and Brian Cutillo.

"First, best not to see. Then mind won't be captivated.
Next, best not to become intimate. Then mind won't be trapped.

"The meeting place for me and my love is the dense forest of southern
valley. Except for the chattering parrot no one knows about it.
Please, talkative parrot, don't give away our secret.

"Meditating, my lama's face does not shine in mind. Unbidden my lover's
face again and again appears.

"That bird-- white crane lend me your skill of wing. I will not go far;
I'll return near Litang."

Note: Tsangyang Gyatso was Tibet's sixth Dalai Lama. He was the only Dalai Lama who did not get initiated as a monk. He was a controversial person, to say the least, during his days. But to-day, he is venerated as a great poet and a spiritual teacher. He used to call himself the turquoise bee.

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao