Today's Beautiful Gem: "We both wait for spring..." by M. Udayakala.

"The river is frozen with floating icebergs;
The river of Life is frozen with icebergs of the past;
We both wait for spring and rebirth to gush forth.

"The bare tree was laden with flowers in the spring;
I had countless flowery pursuits in my youth;
We both wait for spring and rebirth.

"The green mountain is wearing a white tiara;
My head is crowned with waves of white hair;
We both wait for spring and rebirth.

"The earth spends its long night in a reverie;
I spend my sleepless nights in reminiscences;
We both wait for action in spring and in rebirth.

"The soft snow is crunching under the shoes;
The full moon is shining on the whiteness below;
My heart longs for a home with a hearth and a heart.

"The few dry leaves on the tree shake in the wind;
The tattered flag flaps in the howling wind;
My untethered heart, blown by the icy wind, lies at Your feet."

Note: The Mir ghazal I posted can be found in the book `Three Mughal Poets'. The original given in the book is in the Persian script and unfortunately, I cannot decipher it as I never learned it. Like Sanskrit, why are Urdu, Persian and Arabic not transliterated in the Roman script? Even on the network, some works in Bengali and Sanskrit are given in those scripts, but not in English. If we want literary works in Indian languages to reach a wider audience, we must give them in English. That brings another point of discussion. Before having a common language, why should India not have a common script? Your ideas are welcome. By the way, can somebody point out to me where one can get the Urdu alphabet?

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao