Today's Beautiful Gem: `In Memoriam Vasanta'

We shared the same space-- our mother's womb-- our father's house;
We shared the same time-- years of affection-- years of life;
We shared the same feelings-- feelings of joy and sorrow-- and of love;
Today-- you are beyond space-- beyond time-- and beyond feelings!

How much you were wanted then-- how much you are missed now--
How aptly did our parents name you-- after spring!
A season of new life-- you entered our lives as spring--
With brilliant colours, cool showers, bowers of flowers.

When I was hurt and sad, you were there-- you wiped my hot tears;
When I was hungry and angry, you were there-- you fed me hot food;
Now-- I'm hurt-- I'm sad-- I'm hungry-- I'm angry;
But where are you? Who will comfort me-- who will console me?

Why does the river flow? why does the wind blow?
Why does the candle glow? He only knows-- does He really know?
They say there's is a purpose-- for everything; Is there?
What's the purpose in your untimely loss-- I don't know--

The wound may heal-- the scar will remain there forever--
You've left a hole in my heart-- I can't fill it-- not ever--
I can never forget you-- But I have wonderful souvenirs--
Souvenirs of memories-- life-long memories-- etched in my mind!

Farewell-- my dear sister-- a fond farewell to you!
I am proud to have been your brother-- your little brother--
Let us be siblings again-- in our next birth-- if there's one--
Farewell-- Goodbye-- Adieu-- Till we meet again-- don't know when!

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao