Today's Beautiful Gem: `Venkataachalanilayam... (The dweller of the hills)'
by Purandaradaasa, transcreated by me.

"venkaTAcalanilayam vaikunThapuravAsam |

"O dweller of the hills and denizen of the heavens!

"pankajanEtram paramapavitram
s'ankhacakradhara cinmayarUpam ||

"Handsome and holy and adorned with arms,
you are indeed soul-filling.

"ambujOdbhavavinutam agaNitaguNanAmam
ambudhis'ayanam AtmAbhirAmam
tumburunArada gAnavilOlam ||

"Praised by the Creator, your qualities are beyond comprehension;
O the Beauty of my soul, immersed in the music of celestial singers,
you repose on the oceans."

"sakalavEdavicAram sarvajIvanikharam
makarakuNDaladhara madanagOpAlam
bHaktapOSaka s'rI puranadaraviThalam ||"

"Beacon of all knowledge and abode of all life,
you are glowing with adornments, my beautiful Lord,
the Blesser of devotees as well as Purandara."

Note: The above Puranadaradasa song, in raga Sindhubhairavi, is a particular favourite of mine. Please note that my translation is not literal. The words are familiar to most Indians. I hope my attempts to catch the bhAva and rasa of the above song is at least partly successful.

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao