Today's Beautiful Gem: `Twenty-one' by M. Udayakala.

"When you were born twenty-one years ago,
We were all wondering how you'll grow,
What you'll become, how'll you bloom,
Well, to-day you are twenty-one, a beautiful bloom!
We thought you were a god-given gift;
We enjoyed your pranks, our hearts on uplift;
We egged you towards loftier heights,
We're glad you realised your sights.
We offer you to-day as our gift to the world,
We wish you become a good citizen of the world;
Well, son, the whole world is waiting for you--
Way to go on new roads humming new songs!
With to-day's sunrise, you are not only my son,
Warm-hearted well-wisher, counsellor and friend too;
Wreaths of blessings will crown your head,
Waves of good wishes will drown your head!
Whatever you do, wherever you are,
Whether we're here, or away, or afar,
Wholeheartedly, we wish you great fun,
Walk on, the wonderful journey has just begun!
We love you, son, you're always our first-born child!"

Note: There are twenty-one lines in the above piece, all starting with letter `W'. It is possible to write `W' in such a way that part of it looks like the numeral 21.

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao