Today's Beautiful Gem: `mEghamAla (Garland of Clouds)',
by D. V. Krishna Sastry from the film Malliswari, translated by me.

"AkAs'avIdhilO hAyigA egirEvu
dEs'adEs'Alanni tirigitsUsEvu
EDatAnunnADO bAva
zADa telisina pOyirAvA

"andAla O mEghamAlA,
tsandAla O meghamAlA
gaganasImalatElu O mEghamAlA
mA UriguDipaina masalivastunnAvA
mallimATEdaina nAtO
manasu tsallaga ceppipOvA
nIlAla O meghamAlA O
rAgAla O meghamAlA O

"mamatalerigina mEghamAlA
nA manasu bAvaku ceppirAvA
ennALLu nA kaLLu
digulutO rEpagalu
edurutennulu tsUtsunE
bAvakai bedari kAyalu kAcenE

"andAla O mEghamAlA
manasu telisina O mEghamAlA
maravalEnani ceppalEvA
mallitO maravalEnani ceppalEvA
kaLLu teracinagAni kaLLu mUsinagAni
malli rUpE nilicenE
nA centa malli mATE pilicenE

"zAligunDela mEghamAlA
nA bAAvalEnidi bradukazAla
kuriyu nA kannIru gunDelO dAtsukoni
vAna zalluga kurisi pOvA
kannIru AnavAluga bAvamrOla"
"Gently do you float in the skies;
You wander over different countries;
Know not I where my lover is now;
If you know his whereabouts,
could you please trace him?

"O beautiful garland of clouds,
O pretty garland of clouds,
O garland of clouds floating in the skies,
Have you passed over our village temple?
Could you pass on the words of my girl
and cool this heart of mine?
blue garland of clouds!
passionate garland of clouds!

"O clouds that know human feelings,
could you convey the state of my mind to him?
For how long will my eyes
filled with anxiety day and night
wait for his arrival,
and wait in constant worry for him?

"O beautiful garland of clouds,
O clouds that know the human heart,
could you tell that I cannot forget her?
could you tell her that I can never forget?
Whether my eyes are open or closed,
It is her face that stands before me,
It is her words that call me dearly.

"O garland of clouds with a heart compassionate,
I cannot live without him
Could you transport my flowing tears
in your heart,
and drop as rain showers over there
as a proof of my love before him?"

Note: This duet (set to music by Rajeswara Rao) was sung by Ghantasala and Bhanumati. The stars in this movie (one of the best I ever viewed) were N. T. Rama Rao and Bhanumati.

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao