Today's Beautiful Gem: "Ode to Joy" by Friedrich von Schiller,
translated by Norman Macleod. (Part I)

"Joy, of flame celestial fashioned,
Daughter of Elysium,
By that holy fire impassioned
To thy sanctuary we come.
Thine the spells that reunited
Those estranged by Custom dread,
Every man a brother plighted
Where thy gentle wings are spread.
Millions in our arms we gather,
To the world our kiss be sent!
Past the starry firmament,
Brothers, dwells a loving Father.

"Who that height of bliss has proved
Once a friend of friends to be,
Who has won a maid beloved
Join us in our jubilee.
Whose holds a heart in keeping,
One-- in all the world-- his own--
Who has failed, let him with weeping
From our fellowship begone!
All the mighty globe containeth
Homage to Compassion pay!
To the stars she leads the way
Where, unknown, the Godhead reigneth.

"All drink joy from Mother Nature,
All she suckled at her breast,
Good or evil, every creature,
Follows where her foot has pressed.
Love she gave us, passing measure,
One Who true in death abode,
E'en the worm was granted pleasure,
Angels see the face of God.
Fall ye millions, fall before Him,
Is thy Maker, World, unknown?
Far above the stars His throne
Yonder seek Him and adore Him."

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao