Today's Beautiful Gem: "Ode to Joy" by Friedrich von Schiller,
translated by Norman Macleod. (Part II)

"Joy, the spring of all contriving,
In eternal Nature's plan,
Joy set wheels on wheels a-driving
Since earth's horologe began;
From the bud the blossom winning
Suns from out the sky she drew,
Spheres through boundless ether spinning
Worlds no gazer's science knew.
Gladsome as her suns and glorious
Through the specious heavens career,
Brothers, so your courses steer
Heroes joyful and victorious.

"She from Truth's own mirror shining
Casts on sages glances gay,
Guides the sufferer unrepining
Far up Virtue's steepest way;
On the hills of Faith all-glorious
Mark her sunlit banners fly,
She, in death's despite, victorious,
Stands with angels in the sky.
Millions, bravely sorrows bearing,
Suffer for a better time!
See, above the starry clime
God a great reward preparing."

Note: Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) is perhaps the greatest composer of the Western music. His final symphony (1817-23), the ninth, is the essence of his creative spirits during the last years of his life. Its finale is an unusual blend of soloists, choral singers and the orchestra. The choral movement is a setting of Schiller's `Ode to Joy'. It is a resounding prophecy of the time when "all men shall be brothers". Today, it is a universal anthem for the never-dying spirit of the human being. A replica of it lies on the surface of the moon! Some nations that do not have identity use it as their national song in the Olympics. Hope you will all listen to Beethoven's ninth symphony and read this along with it.
Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao