Today's Beautiful Gem: A Kirtan by Guru Nanak, translated by Premka Kaur.

"The sky is the azure silver,
The sun and moon are Thy lamp,
The stars are Thy scattered pearls.
The sandal forests are Thy incense,
And the breeze is Thy fan.
These, along with the flowers of vegetation,
Are laid as offerings at Thy feet.
What other worship can be compared to
Nature's own Festival of Lights,
While the Divine Music resounds within.
Thousand are Thine eyes, yet Thou hast no eyes;
Thousand are Thy forms, and yet Thou hast no form;
Thousand are Thy lotus-feet, and yet Thou hast no feet;
Thousand are Thy noses to smell, yet Thou hast no nose;
I am enchanted with Thy play,
It is the Light which lives in every heart,
And Thy Light which illumines every soul.
It is only through the Guru's teachings
that the Light comes to be shown.
Whatever is pleasing to Thee, that is the True Worship.
My soul yearns for the honey of Thy lotus-feet.
Night and day I am athirst for Thee.
I am like the bird who cries: Peeoo, Peeoo,
Waiting to receive the drop of water
which is the nectar of your kindness,
So that I may live in the ecstacy of Thy Name."

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao