Today's Beautiful Gem: `Miss You' by David Cory.

"Miss you, miss you, miss you;
Everything I do
Echoes with the laughter
And the voice of you.
You're on every corner,
Every turn and twist,
Every old familiar spot,
Whispers how you're missed.

"Miss you, miss you, miss you;
Everywhere I go
There are poignant memories
Dancing in a row,
Silhouette and shadow
Of your form and face
Substance and reality
Everywhere displace.

"Miss you, miss you, miss you;
How I miss you, Girl!
There's a strange, sad silence
'Mid the busy whirl,
Just as tho' the ordinary,
Daily things I do
Wait with me, expectant,
For a word from you.

"Miss you, miss you, miss you;
Nothing now seems true,
Only that 'twas Heaven
Just to be with you."

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao