Today's Beautiful Gem: `sudatIm smarAmi - I think of her!'
by Bilhana, translated by me.

"adyApi tAM kSaNaviyogaviSopameyaM
sange punar bahutarAm amRtabhiSekam |
tAM jIvadhAraNakArIM madanAtapatrAM
udvartakes'anivahAM sudatIm smarAmi ||"

"Even now, I think of her--
a poison in momentary separations,
a rain of ambrosia in reunions,
a reason for my life's existence,
a parasol for love's burning heat,
that woman with rich flowing hair!"

More than a year ago, I introduced our friend Bilhana to you.
Do you still remember of our hero who saved his head through poetry!
The following poem is also said to be due to Bilhana. However, it is
not in his signature metre vasantatilaka.

"bhavatkRte khanjanamanjulAkSi
s'iro madIyaM yadi yAti yAtu |
das'Anena nApi das'AnanAni
nItAni nAs'aM janakAtmajArthe ||
"O my beautiful-eyed Love! for your sake,
If my head has to fall, let it fall!
Did not Ravana lose all his ten heads
" For the sake of Janaka's daughter?"

The touch of love and the feeling of love last all through the year,
not just on Valentine's Day. May be some more love poems at a later
date. In the meanwhile, enjoy Bilhana's memories of love!

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao