Today's Beautiful Gem: `Love Poem' by Feng Meng-Lung (1590-1646),
translated by Arthur Waley.

"Don't set sail!
The wind is rising and the weather none too good.
Far better come back to my house.
If there is anything you want, just tell me.
If you are cold, my body is warm.
Let us be happy together this one night.
Tomorrow the wind will have dropped;
Then you can go, and I shan't worry about you."

Long ago, I used to listen to a Telugu song sung by the great
Ghantasala. I don't remember who the author of the song was. I
am not sure whether that song was inspired by the above poem or
was written independently. Any way, here it is translated by me
into English.

"bahu dUrapu bATasArI,
iTu rAvOyI okkasAri

"ardharAtri payanamElanOyi
penutuphAnu rEganunnadOyi
nA kutIramidEnOyi
vis'ramimpa rAvOyi
vEkuvanE pOduvOyi

I vEgamElanOyi
nA As'alu tIrenOyi
nIto koni pOvOyi"
"O traveller from a distant land,
Approach my abode, once!

"Why are you travelling in the middle of the night?
A big storm is brewing on the horizon;
Here is my humble abode,
Come in and relax,
You can resume your journey in the morrow.

"Whither are you bound?
Why such a hurry?
My desires are sated;
Carry away my dreams with you."

I am recalling the song from memory. Kindly pardon me for any

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao