Today's Beautiful Gem: `Follow the Path' by Hakim Sanai,
translated probably by Idries Shah.

"Do not speak of your heartache-- for He is speaking.
Do not seek him-- for He is seeking.

He feels even the touch of an ant's foot;
If a stone moves under water-- He knows it.

If there is a worm in a rock
He knows its body, smaller than an atom.

The sound of its praise, and its hidden perception,
He knows by His divine knowledge.

He has given the worm its sustenance,
He has shown you the Path of the Teaching."

Note: Sanai lived perhaps in the eleventh or the twelfth century
in Afghanistan. Rumi is said to have been inspired by Sanai.
He is one of the greatest Sufi teachers and one of the earliest
to use the motif of love in his poems.

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao