Today's Beautiful Gem: `The Master of my Life' by Saint Tyagaraja,
translated by me.

"nanu pAlimpaga naDaci vaccitivO? nA prANanAtha!

"vanajanayana mOmunu tsUtsuTa jI-vana

"surapati nIlamaNinibha tanuvutO
uramuna mutyapu sarulacayamutO
karamuna s'arakOdaNDa kAntitO
dharaNitanayatO, tyAgarAjArcita"

"Have You travelled all the way here to see me,
O the Master of my life?
To look at your beautiful face,
that is enough-- in my life!
O King of the realms above,
with form dark and full of lustre,
with chest standing out with strings of pearls,
with hands adorned by the bow and the arrow,
with the daughter of the Mother Earth by your side,
O Lord praised by the bard Tyagaraja,
Have You travelled all the way here to see me,
O the Master of my life?"

Note: With this favourite Tyagaraja song of mine set to rAga
(what else) Mohana, the series "Today's Beautiful Gem" has reached
the fourth century mark. My heartfelt thanks to all the readers
who patiently bear with my choices and my likes every day. I am
indeed grateful to you all as well as the editorial staff, in
particular Ms Uma Ramamurthy. If my humble attempts enrich
even for a few moments somebody's day, I have to thank God in great
profusion. May the world be peaceful, may the family be peaceful,
may the individual be peaceful! What I present in this series are
only illustrations of inspirational prose and poetry. I encourage
all readers to go to the original sources by buying books or
borrowing them from their libraries.

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao