Today's Beautiful Gem: mangalam (benediction) from nAmarAmAyaNa,
author unknown, translated by me.

"bhayahara mangala das'aratha rAm
jaya jaya mangala sItA rAm
mangalakara jaya mangala rAm
sangata s'ubhavibhavodaya rAm
AnandAmRta varSaka rAm
As'ritavatsala jaya jaya rAm
raghupati rAghava rAjA rAm
patita pAvana sItA rAm"

|     "O Rama! son of Dasaratha and destroyer of fear,
|       O Rama! husband of Sita, victory to you,
|       O Rama! symbol of auspiciousness, cause of good, victory to you,
|       O Rama! splendour rises in your company,
|       O Rama! raining nectar of joy,
|       O Rama! granting grace to those who take refuge with you,
|       O Rama! O Raghupati! O Raghava!
|       O Rama! purifying the fallen ones,
|       Salutations to you!"

Note: In the episode of Bala Kanda, a line (before tryambaka kArmuka
bhanjaka rAm) was missing. It was videha mAnasa raMjaka rAm (O Rama! the
joy of Sita's heart). If anybody knows the author of this very simple,
but yet a profound work, please let me know. I tried to translate it
to the best of my ability. Yet in one or two places, there may be a
few errors. This has been melodiously sung by Srimati M. S. Subbulakshmi
in the Balaji pancharatnamala series. Due to the forty-line limit, I
could not present these in a continuous manner. If anybody is interested
to have the whole nAmarAmAyaNa as a single file, please let me know.
May God, who has many manifestations, protect us all as Sri Sita Rama.

Om s'aantih: Peace! - J. K. Mohana Rao